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How to lose weight fast


Now a days overweight and obesity become one of the greatest public health problem. Gaining weight is problem that can make many diseases and disorders like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke etc.

Meal supplement

When your BMI become more than 24 (>24.0), it is called overweight and if it increases to 30 or more it calls obesity. Some times when you gain much weight, you need to take supplement. Alenslim-P is meal replacement supplement which contains all the ingredients that you need to lose your weight fast.

Ingredients of Alenslim-P

Soy protein, Skimmed milk, Green tea, Garcinia cambogia, Carellumafimbraita, Biotin, Amino acids, Vitamins and minerals.

How can they help you lose weight fast ?

Soy protein is popular weight lose supplement worldwide, because of its high protein, low fat and low GI property, It reduce body fat and it makes feel full for a long time.

Skimmed milk also contains high protein but zero fat, that's why it reduces your weight very fast. Milk contain 2 proteins: casein and whey protein both have weight reducing ability and they protect your body from losing lean body muscle mass when you are getting low calorie. Also these proteins reduce appetite.

Green tea reduces body fat, especially abdominal fat. Garcinia cambogia is a fruit, benefits weight lose by its high amount of hydroxycitric acid. Hydroxycitric acid block fat production and help you to lose weight. Carellumafimbraita is a plant extract reduce your appetite and reduce your weight fast. Biotin, amino acids, Vitamins and Minerals etc. will help you maintain a good health when you are taking a low calorie diet.

When you want to lose your weight fast or BMI become so high that only diet and exercise can't reduce your weight you can take Alenslim P as meal replacement to reduce your weight fast.


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It is a sugar free combination specially designed for the healthy living and weight loss supportive ingredients. Its main benefit is that it provides full support to the overall body functions to burn down the fats from stores and to strengthen the immune system.